Litmus Launches New Features & Integrations

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Litmus today announces new capabilities to further enable effective collaboration among marketers without additional resources or marketing technology. Updates include enhanced integrations with Salesforce Pardot and email intelligence leader, SparkPost, allowing users even more seamless workflows for pre-send testing wherever they build emails. Simultaneously, email marketers increase speed and efficiency with Litmus Builder upgrades allowing them to easily store, edit and use custom code templates, partials, and snippets to create brand-compliant emails that drive more conversions. Additionally, animated GIFs are now supported, allowing users to collaborate and test without ever leaving Litmus.

Marketers continue to be under immense pressure to do more with less while still achieving overarching business goals. The State of Email Report: Fall 2020, found 40% of marketers have seen budget cuts to email since the pandemic began. Because of this, they’re actively seeking ways to extract as much efficiency as possible from existing resources so they can instead focus time and attention on channels that drive results and provide subscribers with a consistent brand experience. It is also imperative for email quality to not suffer as a result, but, instead, empower thoughtful email creation. With these updates, marketing teams are able to more efficiently integrate their vendors and gather transformative insights to produce goal-driven, results-oriented emails.

“It’s more important than ever for our team to find ways to make our email production workflow more efficient,” said Ellen Rockdale of Lyft. “The latest updates in Litmus Builder and Design Library let our team easily store and find code modules we rely on to create on-brand emails that result in exceptional subscriber experiences.”

Litmus continues to help marketing teams create more for less with:

  • Litmus Extension support for Pardot: Bring the power of Litmus where you build to further streamline your email production workflow, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications and simplifying your email testing process.
  • Updated and streamlined integration with SparkPost: Combine the power of Litmus and SparkPost, a leading email delivery and analytics platform, to test emails more efficiently than ever so your email can reach the inbox and drive results.
  • Builder enhancements: Increase the speed of on-brand email production to drive efficiency and reduce time to market with updates to Litmus Builder. Empower marketers to create emails, faster by easily reusing code modules, navigating code and inserting images.
  • Proof GIFs: Experience effective collaboration without additional martech by reviewing and approving GIF content without leaving Litmus to save time, avoid hassle and increase team efficiency.

“Litmus is creating the most efficient email software solution possible so marketing teams of all sizes can create extraordinary emails that drive real business results, quickly,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. “Part of establishing this standard of marketing efficiency, though, is maximizing the potential of partners and vendors our customers are using for marketing efforts and to gather insights across all channels, globally. We continue to invest in leading integrations such as Oracle, Salesforce, Marketo, Acoustic, and, now, Pardot and SparkPost to enable a seamless email workflow experience. Our users can instantly maximize email creation speeds and quality to drive profitable conversions and attain improved ROI from their existing marketing clouds.”

This is Litmus’ first product update of 2021 and follows the announcement of dark mode detection, brand settings and advanced user permissions, and newly supported email clients in October 2020.

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