Omnisend Ecommerce Statistics Report 2020

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Omnisend, the email and SMS marketing automation platform built for ecommerce businesses, has released its year-end report for DTC brands titled 2020 Ecommerce Statistics Report: Email, SMS & Push Messaging Insights For 2021.

Omnisend’s report found that opt-in channels are a must for ecommerce brands — conversion rates for email, SMS, and push messages all increased by 100% compared to 2019. Automated messages generated 29.4% of email orders while accounting for only 1.8% of total email sends whereas, in 2019, automated emails generated 17% of email orders and accounted for 1.1% of email sends.

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“Last year proved that marrying behavior-based automation with the right marketing channels is the easiest way to grow ecommerce sales and combat record-high customer acquisition costs,” said Rytis Lauris, CEO and Co-founder of Omnisend. “As online purchasing habits evolve, the DTC brands who use email and SMS automation to nurture the customer purchasing journey will be the ones increasing sales.”

4 key takeaways from Omnisend’s report:

  • – Promotional email marketing campaigns saw a 108% increase in conversion rate YoY while SMS conversion rates hit a new record with sales increasing over 100%
  • – There were 378% more SMS and 1000% more push messages sent in 2020 than in 2019
  • – 19% of all November SMS orders came on Black Friday, indicating this channel plays a pivotal role in reaching busy consumers (during peak shopping periods)
  • – Web push notification conversion rate ended the year with a YoY growth of 478% — now a growing channel leveraged by DTC marketers

The report suggests that online brands who use automation to deliver their unique consumers relevant messaging will reap the rewards in 2021.

Lauris continued, “For DTC brands, mining trusted, opt-in channels will continue to produce high ROI at lower costs than paid search and paid social. Today’s homework for ecommerce brands is to send personalized, timely messages to customers in order to convert at higher rates, increase customer lifetime value, and see the margins they want to.”

About 2020 Ecommerce Statistics Report: Email, SMS & Push Messaging Insights For 2021
Omnisend’s report analyzed more than 10 billion email messages and more than 31 million SMS and web push messages sent from the Omnisend platform in 2019 and 2020.

The free report is available here.

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