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A collection of the freshest content and archived blogs going back ten years. emailexpert shares thoughts and insight from seasoned leaders and fresh email ninjas. When seeking leading insight into the email marketing space, the email expert blogs are sure to deliver.

Oct 25
The State of Email Industry Reports: A Critical Examination with Litmus as a Case Study

Litmus recently published the “The 2023 State of ESPs Report“. In an era where data-driven decision-making is not just a trendy phrase but a necessity, industry reports are indispensable tools. These reports often shed light on market trends, consumer behavior, and technological advancements. For those in the email marketing sector, reports such as Litmus’ “The […]

Dec 28
AI’s role in Email Marketing

AI is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing, many already using AI tools to automate tasks and improve segmentation strategies. Automation and AI chatbot technology will replace traditional human operators in customer service roles, while email marketers must develop new skills to understand and work with these technologies. The use of Artificial Intelligence in email marketing is set to become more widespread over time, giving those who embrace it an advantage.

Oct 23
Top Tips: Email expert advice for Black Friday Cyber Monday marketing

Black Friday and Cyber Monday email marketing campaigns are essential for any online retailer looking to make the most of the holiday shopping season. This our guide to the top tips for success.

Jul 16
Email Marketing 101: How to Optimise my Email Content for Conversion

Creating Emails that make conversions When you are creating an email to send either as a standalone newsletter or as part of an automation series, conversion should always be at the top of your mind. That does not mean to say that creating an email with a big “Buy Now” button is that way to […]

May 04
Why Publishers Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Monetize Their Emails

Email Newsletters Have More Potential Than You Think Last week, someone sent me a link from an article in The Guardian.  After reading it, I noticed another title that caught my attention. So, of course I clicked on it. But, instead of taking me to the article, a pop-up appeared asking me to register for […]

Jan 25
5 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts

Some people think that email marketing and SEO have no contact points, and each requires separate actions and brings different results. But in reality, email marketing and SEO have a lot of unnoticeable interlinks. Maybe it’s time to look at email marketing and SEO as not two separate tools, but as a set of tools […]

Jan 01
The best of 2020 Email Marketing Trends & 2021 Marketing Predictions

A Wrapup of 2020 Email Marketing Trends & 2021 Email Marketing Predictions. The usual flurry of the year-ahead type crystal ball predictions did not come to pass as we saw 2020 draw to a close, with more of a fizzle than a bang on the most part for many. Perhaps predictably the posts are a […]

Dec 23
2020. Finally, it’s over!

A look back at the year that was So, what an exciting year it’s been. I’m sure most of us wonder if we can open our eyes again and get off this awful rollercoaster that was 2020. I started 2020 like this! When in reality, there were plenty of fireworks, but not the kind we […]

Dec 09
Validity Partners with emailexpert to bring Deliverability Summit

Validity, the most trusted leader in email deliverability, today announced its partnership with global email community, Emailexpert, to help businesses increase their return on email marketing programmes at Emailexpert’s 2020 Deliverability Summit, running on the 10th December. The virtual-only event brings together experts from across the email marketing community to share insights and knowledge on […]

Nov 10
Why Perform an Email Warmup? – 5 Steps to Execute the Perfect IP/Domain Warmup

Warming up your IP/domain before sending an email. Think of it as the stretching exercises performed right before you begin working out. If you workout with a warmup, the chance of injuring your muscles is much higher. And the same is the case with emails. Running a full-fledged email campaign on an IP/domain that hasn’t […]

Nov 03
Email Marketing 101: How to design a high converting email marketing template

Email marketing templates that convert The holy grail of email marketing is the high converting email template. It would be wonderful if there were one template that converted every time. Still, there are an infinite array of variables that will pertain to your industry, customer, location and product or service that will impact the rates […]

Oct 28
Email Marketing 101: How do I use email marketing to generate leads?

How to ensure your email marketing campaigns to lead to conversion. As an email marketing consultant, businesses regularly ask me how to create emails that lead to real sales or leads for a business. Email marketing is all about relationship; building a relationship with your customers so that they learn to trust you and look […]

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