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Blogger Guidelines

At emailexpert we want to provide a platform for email experts to share their story and provide an opportunity to expose their experience and expertise to the world. We are looking for quality over quantity but we appreciate that different audiences will find value in different types of content and delivery styles. In our aim to provide the most inclusive platform possible we aim to be flexible in respect of our requirements. 


Please be aware of the use of language, we prefer the use of inclusive terms over exclusive terms. Whilst we do not enforce a strict policy your adherence is always appreciated. Language or content that is clearly sexist, racist, or otherwise biased, prejudiced or denigrating to any community or group is not going to pass our editorial requirements and criteria, if writers can keep in mind we have a preference for gender-neutral language and prefer to avoid binary genderism. We believe word and language really do matter. Your words will be seen by thousands of people and over time tens of thousands of people.


We welcome content from experienced professionals in the industry who wish to share their experience, news, commentary, opinion and recommendations in respect of email. The website provides a platform to write content for industry insiders and newcomers alike. We welcome content on the topics of email delivery, deliverability, antispam and, marketing.


Popular post types include:

  • Detailed Platform and Vendor Reviews
  • Industry Insight and Thought Leadership
  • Market and Industry Analysis
  • Niche Vendor Lists , Reviews and Roundups
  • News and Industry Roundups
  • Topical Industry Analysis
  • Best Practice Guidelines and Examples
  • Case Studies, White Papers and more

Blogging Basics

  • All content needs to be in the English Language
  • Content should be typo free, spell checked and grammatically correct
  • Aim for a length of 1200 or more words for short blog posts (minimum 800)
  • Longer blog posts should be 1800+ words in length, at the upper end 3,500 word posts can be accommodated 

Content Requirements

  • You must own the copyright of the content being published.
  • All content needs to be original work and not published elsewhere unless agreed in advance.
  • When sharing or including images always remember to provide proper source attribution.
  • Longer blog posts should be 1500+ words in length.
  • Do not knowingly publish or submit anything inaccurate, offensive, inappropriate or unprofessional.
  • Full disclosure for any associations, payment or reward for links and content is an absolute requirement.

Our Rights

  • Our team reserves the right to make minor editorial changes or adaptations to  your posts.
  • We reserve the right to link to relevant content on our site or others from within your post.
  • We reserve the right to remove affiliate links and tracking codes added to content.
  • In rare scenarios the content from the blog may be removed.
  • We reserve the right to not publish content that we do not feel meets our quality or editorial guidelines.
  • Editors decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into in respect of editorial decisions.

Style Guidelines

Beyond the guidelines laid out earlier in this document we do not make any struct style guidelines. This accounts for the fact we have a wide and varied audience that use the emailexpert platform. From beginners and small business, through to enterprise users and experienced industry geeks. In our bid to become the go to source of information for expertise in email. Marketing, CRM, anti-spam, security, deliverability and related fields we appreciate every post will not be of interest to every potential visitor. We will guide the user journeys, you submit the content that enables you to amplify your expertise and speak to what you are passionate about.

With all that in mind there are some basics that make for best practice.

  • Include an intro setting out the basis of your blog at the beginning. 
  • Ensure you include a summary and conclusion to your post at the end.
  • Do not write content that overly promotional.
  • Attempt to be balanced. The exception being editorial pieces which should of course set out your position on a topic.

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