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A collection of the freshest content and archived blogs going back ten years. emailexpert shares thoughts and insight from seasoned leaders and fresh email ninjas. When seeking leading insight into the email marketing space, the email expert blogs are sure to deliver.

Dec 06
The Future of Email ROI Measurement

What is a good open (render) rate?  What percentage of my emails were actually delivered to the inbox?  How many clicks should I get on an average email mailing?  What is the average unsubscribe rate for each mailing?  Who are my Social Influencers?  Are my subscribers engaged? Most questions that savvy marketers share are more […]

Oct 06
List growth an indicator of economic growth

When healthy discussions take place in the Email Industry, they tend to give birth to new ideas. Collectively, we reinforce these ideas by sharing them with our peers through blogs and commentary. One such discussion covered the collection process of email addresses. Specifically, the topic was discovering more efficient ways to streamline the collection process […]

Oct 06
Domain Based Reputation: here comes the Gold Rush

The coming Gold Rush with Domain-Based Reputation So, what are the benefits to a solid domain-based reputation?  What are the ramifications of a suspect domain? Will an ESP still send for me if my domain reputation is less than stellar? How will the actions of my subscribers influence my deliverability?  Is my domain portable? The […]

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