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A collection of the freshest content and archived blogs going back ten years. emailexpert shares thoughts and insight from seasoned leaders and fresh email ninjas. When seeking leading insight into the email marketing space, the email expert blogs are sure to deliver.

Jul 27
How to Choose an Email Marketing Platform in 2020

Choosing the right email service provider, literally dozens of blogs have been written on the subject, hopefully this post provides a fresh perspective for 2020. I was ready to post when an old friend and veteran Inbox Expo panelist Dennis Dayman announced his latest Email Unplugged Podcast was going to be on the self same […]

Jul 23
What Should My Next Email Marketing Campaign Look Like?

Breaking Down Different Style Email Campaigns  Invariably, a large part of customer communications is to ensure it’s a two-way channel, and having high user engagement – both open and click-throughs – is key. So, this begs the following question: what exactly should my next email marketing campaign look like?  The quick-witted answer is one that […]

Jul 21
EmailSoldiers Case Study: Vichy L’Oreal

Beauty delivery through triggered emails — support of Vichy campaign Online Diagnostics from Vichy is a project encompassing a range of tools. which allows anyone to get an online skin and hair consultation, and for the consumer to receive personalised recommendations and a tailored selection of Vichy products. To implement the project Vichy assembled several […]

Jul 20
Where to start with CRM-ESP Integrations?

When you’re deciding which ESP and which CRM to use, think about your future CRM-ESP integration. CRM-ESP integrations are pivotal to the success of any email marketing program. You can’t get the information you’ll need to create a thoughtful email marketing program without the information typically contained within a CRM. Here’s a guide to what […]

Jul 15
12 Email Marketing Metrics That Matter

The size of your list did not make it, how your list grows did though! Email Marketing Metrics – Measuring your Success Are you wondering if your email marketing is really worth it? The size of your mailing list doesn’t matter if you aren’t getting any closer to your goals. You need a reliable method […]

Jul 14
Email Automation for Lead Generation? Awesome results are possible!

Is email automation for lead generation a viable prospect? Not only is it possible to utilise email automation for lead generation, but done well you can see unparalleled R.O.I from email. No matter what the nature of your business or how long you have been in operation, lead generation is very likely one of the […]

Jul 14
Choosing Email Marketing Software? The 10 Essential C’s!

Choosing email marketing software for the first time can seem daunting, sometimes more so when selecting a new ESP. If you want another more detailed post, we recently published about how to choose an email marketing platform in 2020. There are at least 10 Critical ‘C’ Features to Consider When Making any Email Marketing Software […]

Jul 10
Vertical Specific Email Campaign Strategies to Win Back Customers post Lock Down

The coronavirus crisis has shaken the foundations of every industry currently operating in the world. The crisis is not only devastating people’s lives but also the global economy has been affected badly. Such systemic shocks topple the best-laid plans and strategies for the brand marketers and take them back to the drawing board. A new […]

Jul 06
Purchasing Email Lists? Think Again!

Why continually rent something when you can buy it all in one go and own it entirely? Surely a one-off payment is preferable to weekly or monthly installments? Isn’t renting always more expensive than outright purchase?   In nearly all cases the answer to these questions would be a resounding ‘Yes’. But there is one […]

Jul 01
Using Twitter as Opt-in Pre-Sell & Trust Builder for Email Marketing

Many online marketers, who use email marketing as their main source of revenue, wrongly assume that Twitter holds no relevancy for their operations. This is not true and by ignoring Twitter, these email marketers are missing out on a potential goldmine. Email marketing relies on subscribers (ignoring spam marketing which just sends unsolicited emails) and […]

Jul 01
Agile CRM an honest review

Agile CRM is positioned as an affordable, mid-range complete business management software. What originally started as a CRM (hence the name Agile CRM), has morphed into a tool with a mind-spinning number of features.

Jun 30
My Favourite Email Marketing Tools

There are plenty of online marketing techniques out there today such as facebook marketing, twitter, instagram marketing and so forth. However there is one digital marketing technique that has stood the test of time for me, providing over impressive results in my decade long career online; and that is email marketing. The reason why I […]

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