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Oct 25
The State of Email Industry Reports: A Critical Examination with Litmus as a Case Study

Litmus recently published the “The 2023 State of ESPs Report“. In an era where data-driven decision-making is not just a trendy phrase but a necessity, industry reports are indispensable tools. These reports often shed light on market trends, consumer behavior, and technological advancements. For those in the email marketing sector, reports such as Litmus’ “The […]

Oct 20
ActiveCampaign Acquires Australian Onesend to Bolster Offerings to Franchise Operators

Chicago-based marketing automation firm, ActiveCampaign, has expanded its suite of services with the acquisition of Onesend, a small yet innovative Australian company that caters to franchises, multi-location brands, and reseller agencies. ActiveCampaign’s recent purchases of specialised companies underscore a strategic pursuit of growth and diversification in the marketing automation landscape. Despite having a modest turnover […]

Oct 16
Dotdigital acquires Fresh Relevance for £25 Million

In a bid to strengthen its positioning in the digital marketing sphere, UK-based Dotdigital Group plc has recently announced it is acquiring cross-channel personalisation vendor Fresh Relevance for a total consideration of £25.0 million. The acquisition, settled fully at completion, saw £18.9 million paid out in cash from Dotdigital’s reserve while the remaining £6.1 million […]

Oct 12
Halon Partners with Netcore: A Game-changer in the Global Email Infrastructure Space

Historically speaking when it came to ESPs there have only been one or two players in the The Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) marketplace for enterprise senders and ESPs (email service providers). That has changed and the space is rapidly evolving, and one company reshaping the landscape is Halon. The company has recently forged a significant […]

Oct 06
Paying for Spam Complaints? Validity’s New Twist on FBL Services!

Validity, a significant player in the email ecosystem, has recently started charging for the use of its ISP feedback loop complaint feeds, which have traditionally been free. Their announcement a few weeks ago of their intention caused not insignificant turmoil and confusion in the email community. It has also resulted in some vocal commentary and […]

Oct 05
Spamhaus Opens Doors to Public Submissions to Enhance the Email Experience

Spamhaus, renowned for its pursuit to help eradicate spam and bolster internet security, has today issued an invitation to the public welcoming their submission of spam reports. To date Spamhaus has used their own proprietary emthods, data sets and private sharely information between only the most trusted partners. Now Spamhaus calls upon individuals everywhere to […]

Oct 04
Yahoo Mail: Uplifting Email Standards Across Domains

Yahoo has always been committed to safeguarding email communication and shadowing unwanted messages. In resonance with this aim, Yahoo today outlined new guidelines for bulk senders to ensure superior user experiences, elevating the security parameters and maintaining cleaner inboxes. For years now, Yahoo’s Sender Hub and postmaster teams have been offering comprehensive guidelines and assistance […]

Oct 03
Adapting to Gmail’s New Protocols for a More Secure and Less Spammy Inbox as a Bulk Email Marketer

Bulk email marketers need to stay updated with sweeping changes in email regulations. Gmail, as of October 2023 has announced that it is introducing additional security and antispam measures, poised to launch in February 2024. This change will impact those sending upwards of 5,000 emails per day to Gmail. This post outlines those changes and […]

Oct 03
QR Codes: The Latest Tool in Cybercriminals’ Arsenal for Phishing Attacks

In an age when almost everything is becoming digitized, cyber criminals are increasingly using more sophisticated and diverse methods to launch attacks. According to a report by renowned cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky, QR codes, once lauded as a convenient means of sharing information, have now become a tool for fraudsters to carry out phishing attacks. Initially, […]

Sep 28
Surge in US Cyber Insurance Claims Sparks Concern as Ransomware and Fraud Increase

US cyber insurance claims have risen by 12% in the first half of 2023, driven by a surge in ransomware and funds transfer fraud (FTF), according to Coalition, Inc. and reported by CSO Online. The severity of claims has also increased by 42%, with an average loss amount of over $115,000. Ransomware-related claims have seen […]

Sep 28
Michigan Man Receives Two-Year Prison Sentence for Duping Elderly Victims in Email Romance Scams and BEC Schemes

Michigan resident Timy Hakim has been sentenced to two years in prison and an additional six months of home detention for his involvement in a conspiracy to defraud at least 15 elderly victims through romance scams, lottery schemes, and business email compromise (BEC) fraud. The sentencing was carried out by U.S. District Judge Lewis J. […]

Jul 25
AI in Gmail and Workspaces

The world of email technology is truly constantly evolving and the march towards AI continues, Google has announced that companies using Gmail (Workspace) are able to apply for early entry into a generative AI solution to help write emails and docs. Its announced as Workspace Labs, a program that promises to allow select organisations to […]

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