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‘MessageBird’ Rebrands to ‘Bird’, Overhauls Pricing Model, and Launches New CRM Platform

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MessageBird, is taking another step forward in its evolution. It is unveiling a new identity as ‘Bird’ reflecting what the founder sets out to be a transformative strategy. In addition to the rebranding, Bird has announced a significant overhaul in its pricing model and is introducing a wide range of new products. Robert Vis the founder has also been seen on Linkedin scouting for acquisitions in the financial payments space.

The rebranding is driven by a strategy that the org states will move beyond providing mere access to communication channels. With Bird’s recently deployed messaging APIs, the company is now offering its SMS services at what they state is a 90% discount on former pricing and significantly cheaper than their rivals, claiming they will be eliminating both hidden fees and artificial markups. According to the information released an SMS campaign that would usually cost $100k with competitors like Twilio, will now cost customers only $10k with Bird.

Bird’s innovation continues with the launch of a new customer relationship management patform, Bird CRM. This is a bold move towards simplifying customer relationship management and can potentially alienate more of its former customers using the BIRD for sending of messages either through SparkPost or PowerMTA. Not the first time this organisation will have pivoted and found themselves competing with a section of their customer base.

The new CRM platform is said to be designed to be user-friendly with a focus on multi-channel operations and integrating payment data seamlessly, looking to offer businesses a more unified platform. We look forward with interest to what happens next in the Bird timeline. logo

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