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AtData Fraud Prevention Partner Network Gains Momentum

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AtData recently announced significant growth in its global fraud prevention partner network. Over the last year, AtData has added five digital security and fraud prevention partners to its network. AtData now delivers robust email address intelligence to Darwinium, Infinyt,, Persona, and Spec, among others, to help identify fraud at a common digital entry point.

Through collaborative innovation and strategic partnerships, AtData continues to stay ahead of emerging email fraud schemes, ensuring the highest level of security for all stakeholders. In 2023, AtData launched solutions to identify high risk email domains and advanced its fraud prevention API.

“We understand the critical importance of maintaining trust and security in today’s digital economy,” remarked Diarmuid Thoma, AtData’s Vice President of Fraud & Data Strategy. “Our growing community of digital security and fraud prevention partners is a testament to the impact that identifying and verifying email addresses has on instilling confidence in secure transactions.”

Today, around 40% of fraudulent digital transactions are sourced with a newly created email and the number of high-risk domains increased 25% year over year. AtData’s advanced data analytics, machine learning algorithms and real-time monitoring systems help its partner networks’ solutions identify malicious users and bolster fraud prevention.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, AtData remains at the forefront of innovation, driving the future of fraud prevention. On March 27, 2024, AtData will facilitate a panel at MRC Vegas, the Merchant Risk Council’s annual conference, on risk mitigation strategies and payment processes to ensure successful payment authorization. AtData will also be exhibiting in Booth 411.

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