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You can now claim your software product listing on you will first need to register. The entire process is completely free.

How do I claim my listing on

i) Step one, register as a user
ii) step two, look up your listing
iii) click the ‘claim listing’ button on the listing

What are the rules for claiming a listing?

We verify all claims, and then vet all edits to a profile, so please do not attempt to claim a listing that is not yours. We will check a few things before accepting or declining your claim application.
i) In the first instance you will need to have registered and confirmed your email by logging in with the password we provided on registration.
ii) The email you used to register will have to be an email address at your company. Ideally a role address like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or similar. We will also accept registrations from individual email address AT your company (the same company you are claiming a listing for)., however these are subject to more checks and can slow the process down.
iii) If you used a private email address at your company we will expect to see your profile on Linkedin reflecting your position at the company.
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