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How to Nail your Email Marketing Strategy in 2020

Introduction Around 290 billion emails are sent every day while this figure is expected to reach 347 billion by the end of 2022. Indeed, what worked years ago no longer works. Many strategies have changed, but Email Marketing is a key player among other

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Email Marketing: When and How Often to Send Emails

Email marketing needs thorough preparation. Sending emails right and left will only help you reach the spam folder, not the inbox. Too often it seem these day emails only raise the wrong kind of questions: Who is this? Why are they writing to me?

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Email Copywriting: 10 Proven Formulas to Use on Your Next Campaign

One study found that for every $1 you invest in email marketing, you’ll generate $42 in revenue. That’s an investment worth taking, don’t you think? However, if you want your email marketing campaigns to be effective and convert, you’ll need an amazing copy. Copywriting

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SellUP Rebrands as Alchemy Worx

SellUP is excited to announce that they are fully rebranding as Alchemy Worx, effective from August 6, 2020. This completes the final step in the 2017 acquisition of London-based CRM agency, Alchemy Worx, and unites two email industry leaders, SellUP CEO Allan Levy, and Alchemy Worx founder, Dela Quist, with

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What is the best email marketing platform for Wix ECommerce

How to choose the right email marketing software for your Wix E-Commerce business When selecting the best email marketing platform for your Wix E-Commerce website, it is essential to look closely at what you want the platform to do. Wix is an easy to