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What is email marketing automation?

Email Marketing Automations are the key to getting your business working for you – not you working for your business.

An Email Marketing Automation Provider (often referred to as an ESP) is the platform that allows automated marketing emails to be deployed.

Email Marketing Automation is the backbone of any growing business, no matter the industry. Why? Marketing automations take the guesswork out of your customer journey, freeing you and your staff up from repetitive administrative tasks by automating emails and customer flows.

Automations can be set up for any point in the sales cycle:

Depending on the size of your organisation, number of clients, products services and other factors will dictate the amount of time and effort required to implement an effective automated marketing strategy. Defining goals and targets will allow you to measure your success as you go along your journey and figure your R.O.I on investment after time. For many small business after spending just a few hours setting up their email marketing automations ensures those business will be at a whole new level.

Better systems = better results, but it is not one-size-fits-all which is why it is critically important you have a thought out and considered email marketing automation vendor selection process. Email marketing automations done well can be:

Email Marketing automations can be set up so that each potential customer gets the content that is most likely to make them convert 

Boring emails do not get clicks. Your emails need to stand out from the crowd in your customer’s inbox, from the subject line all the way through.

One of the best thing about email marketing automations is that metrics are collected at each send, allowing you to optimise your marketing funnel to get more conversions and greater profits.


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the use of systems and processes to do the repetitive tasks involved with moving a customer through your marketing funnel. Marketing automation can be as simple or as complex as your business. In its simplest form, a marketing automation is a series of emails that are sent as a contact joins an email list. In its more complex form marketing automation could be a series of emails, phone calls, text messages and display ads that are matched to an individual's pre-purchase behaviour as they move through the customer journey.

Why use Marketing Automations?

Marketing Automations are used quite simply, to free up the time of the staff or business owner. Instead of manually sending out emails to check in on potential customers, a series of emails can be set up to do this for you. The power of marketing automations is fully realised when it comes to scale. Marketing automations allow your brand or business to interact with significantly more potential customers than you could ever do manually, therefore leading to more sales.

Marketing automations also let you take a bird’s eye view of the behaviour of your customers so that you can optimise and improve your marketing funnels and systems. By doing this you also continually improve the experience for your customer and maximise your sales and conversions.

What tools are involved in Marketing Automations?

Marketing Automations use the key marketing tool of segmentation to differentiate customers. By adding a tag to a contact, marketing automations can differentiate the content that is given to that potential customer. This is extremely powerful when linked to your e-commerce platform or CRM as it enables the right message to reach the contact at the optimal time to influence conversion.

Where do I start with Marketing Automation?

It can be daunting to know where to start with marketing automations. The best place to start is by doing a simple map of your customer journey and identifying where you can exchange a manual process for an automated one.

Email Marketing Automations are the simplest and most efficient place to begin the process of automating your marketing systems. Some great first steps are setting up post-purchase automations and a simple pre-purchase email series.

Email marketing automations can be set up based on triggers. For example, a new contact may sign up at one of your landing pages, you send them a series of emails to introduce your product and give them multiple opportunities to purchase. This type of email marketing automation is called a drip email automation. The sign up action is the trigger.

What do I need to consider when choosing an email marketing vendor?

When looking for an email marketing platform it is important to choose one that allows email marketing automations. Look for a platform that is easy to use and has flexible automations that suit the needs of your customer journey. The platform also needs to be an all in one CRM and Email Marketing solution or it needs to integrate with your current system of managing your customers and contacts. If you have multiple systems, you will need your email marketing software to integrate with multiple systems.