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#COVID-19 has thrown curveballs at brands' interaction with customers, in the form of:
🥎 Low incoming website traffic
🥎 Low conversions
🥎 Lack of engagement

Be the Simran to every Raj and provide the right recommendations. #RecommendItLikeRamann

Make them meet Raman:

Life of a Growth Marketer! #RecommendItLikeRaman
Make your hard work pay off with #MarketersSmartFriend

Stuck at home for over six months? Can’t wait to travel the world all over again?

With things starting to open up, the travel & tourism industry is bracing itself for future growth.

Looking towards the right recommendations like...#RecommendItLikeRaman
Watch the whole video:
Look for Raman straight here:

One more success story added to Netcore's success diary! #PersonalizationWorks
Thi Truong Si, Vietnam's largest online wholesale marketplace, achieved whopping home-page results...

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