About emailexpert

The emailexpert platform is a community for industry professionals. It is a great place for learning and conversation. The emailexpert platform works to support industry relationships, so you can up your network and increase your game in the email space.

Established with the firm aim to be an inclusive and welcoming community for all industry professionals and to provide a platform for all. We deliver on our objectives not only through the emailexpert web properties but our events both on and offline.

The company, emailexpert UK Ltd was registered in late 2019. It was registered by Nely Bonar, the co-founder and Managing Director of the company, with a vision to provide the kind of support that can only be achieved by a registered business to the pre-existing emailexpert.org community, that was initially established in 2006.

The emailexpert Management Team

Nely Bonar


Full Name: Nailya ‘Bonar’ Mukhamedzhanova
Managing Director

Andrew Bonar


Full Name: Andrew Suroor ‘Uzaizi’ Bonar
Industry Relations

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