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A New Email Marketing Metric? Recipient Engagement Scoring

AtData, the prominent provider of email address intelligence, has announced the launch of its new email metric, the Engagement Score, with the promise to offer a new approach to the email marketing strategies of organisations looking to improve deliverability. AtData’s Engagement Score could be transformative for many email marketers.

Incorporated in AtData’s SafeToSend email validation service, the Engagement Score will allow companies to precisely recognise active emails, enhance indicators and refine audience segmentation.

Designed using advanced machine learning, the Engagement Score calculates recent, volumetric, type, and source engagement activity. The mechanism behind this involves processing billions of monthly email opens, website visitor data and other user signals.

As part of AtData’s ongoing investment into machine learning, the new score provides a view of individual email activity throughout the web. The result is an invaluable tool to any organisation that wishes to deepen understanding of email user behaviours beyond the exclusive confines of their own email databases or service providers.

By targeting highly engaged emails, organisations can increase email deliverability and customer response rates. The Engagement Score directly feeds into more intelligent activation and segmentation strategies, helping businesses get to know customers on a level previously unseen.

By incorporating the comprehensive Engagement Score into the SafeToSend service, AtData provides organisations with an efficient method for separating audiences and participants of value. In turn, business can capitalise by identifying potential customers that are more likely to engage, identify lookalike audiences to bolster ROI and increase conversions.

“Through the utilisation of our unparalleled and constantly evolving data, and our advancements in machine learning, AtData has developed tools that are becoming essential to the modern organisation,” expressed AtData’s CEO, Tom Burke.

“AtData has the capacity to rapidly lower unknown rates about the validity of an email address, identify dangerous domains and safeguard email lists. Our Engagement score will significantly impact email-centric data strategies and we are incorporating it into our SafeToSend service.”

AtData’s Engagement Score service will be issued to new SafetoSend subscribers at no extra cost.

Mallory Green, AtData’s VP of Marketing, added that “AtData aims to push beyond what conventional email verification services provide, which is determining whether or not an email address is deliverable. We intend to help marketers identify if an email address is both active and engaged, which is a leap forward in the industry.”

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