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AI’s role in Email Marketing

AI is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing, many already using AI tools to automate tasks and improve segmentation strategies. Automation and AI chatbot technology will replace traditional human operators in customer service roles, while email marketers must develop new skills to understand and work with these technologies. The use of Artificial Intelligence in email marketing is set to become more widespread over time, giving those who embrace it an advantage.

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Spamhaus Monthly Malware Digest 

Spamhaus and have teamed up this month to release their monthly malware digest, helping organisations and users protect themselves from online threats and malicious software. The final report for 2022

Balance Point Up Investment in Shift Paradigm

Shift Paradigm, a digital transformation provider, recently announced the acquisition of Ergo, a world-class email marketing company based in New York City. The investment was supported by Balance Point Capital Advisors

Bloomreach Achieve 100% Uptime for Cyber Week

As the peak shopping season shifted into high gear, Bloomreach, a leading Commerce Experience Cloud, powered millions of marketing campaigns, searches and pageviews for its 850 global customers without fail. This