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5 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts

Some people think that email marketing and SEO have no contact points, and each requires separate actions and brings different results. But in reality, email marketing and SEO have a lot of unnoticeable interlinks. Maybe it’s time to look at email marketing and SEO as not two separate tools, but as a set of tools that will help increase sales and improve search engine rankings?

Email Marketing Doesn’t Affect SEO

If you think so, you are missing out on an opportunity to boost your SEO by essentially familiar email marketing activities. In fact, there is some truth in this statement. Search engines don’t rank or scan your email list or the letters you send to your subscribers.

However, the above-stated fact does not mean that you cannot optimize your email newsletter to reboot your SEO. If you do not understand how to do this, you will further find practical advice and understand that email marketing can improve your search engine results.

Why Use Email Marketing for SEO Synergies?

So, here is the fundamental reason. SEO optimization is an expensive and time-consuming process, while email marketing has proven to be a more affordable and more accessible option to implement. According to statistics, every dollar spent on email marketing can return you to $42 (on average). For this reason alone, you can customize your email strategy so that, in addition to its main tasks, it also allows you to change your position in the search engine rankings.

Top Reasons to Use Your Email Newsletter to Reboot Your SEO

  • Increase organic traffic to your site.
  • Boost the activity and engagement of your subscribers.
  • Level up the loyalty of the target audience and increase sales.

All of these benefits are key, and for this reason, you should definitely change your attitude towards email marketing and try to do everything to make a positive impact on the SEO.

Email marketing can and should be an effective addition to your SEO strategy. Your blog content doesn’t get you the desired traffic? Correct this with an email newsletter. Don’t your users provide reviews? Correct this with an email newsletter. Not sure how to ask users to recommend your company on social media? Motivate your subscribers to do it with an email campaign.

You will learn more about how all this can be done later in this article and will be surprised at the simplicity and effectiveness of this dual strategy. It’s time to move from words to action and figure out how to make email marketing improve your SEO in addition to its core tasks.

1. Use Texts from Your Blog

Most likely, you prepare your email marketing content very carefully and want your subscribers to receive only high-quality and useful articles. But why store such information in mailboxes and deprive your site of the opportunity to get better visibility in search results? Last year, 87% of marketers used email marketing to distribute their content, and this is considered as significant as social media.

So, here is what can you do to get your users interested with the help of your email, plus promote materials from your blog and get them ranked better because of the users’ switches from a letter to the blog and improved behavioral factors:

  • Create a useful article on the site. Compose your letter to reflect your article’s main trigger and the number of actions to read the full article on your site. Remember, you need to post articles on your blog according to all the canons (alt, title, headings, lists, tables).
  • Create a newsletter with a short series of letters. On your blog, you need to combine this series into one full article. In your newsletter, encourage users to read the full text.

2. Survey Your Users in Your Letter to Satisfy Their Requests

Google loves those articles that provide a complete answer to user requests. Many people spend a lot of time and effort determining their target audience’s needs and, based on the analysis obtained, prepare the appropriate content. Everyone uses different approaches to achieve this goal and often spend a lot of money on it. But in fact, email newsletters will allow you to get this information for free! How to do it?

Start a survey in the newsletter. If you have developed so-called trust or loyalty with your mailing base, you will receive many responses. But even if your audience is not so active, many may be interested in the letter with a survey. Firstly, it may seem to the addressee as a manifestation of special respect and care. Second, people like to know that their opinions matter. In the most difficult case, a.k.a. sleeping target audience, you may offer a little gift or a discount for participating in the survey. 

So, instead of spending money on researching what content your subscribers would like to receive, you get free  (or almost free) responses from your specific target audience. Based on your users’ answers, start creating content that hits the mark.

P.S. To further engage your audience, then prepare an article with the so-called result of responses. Share on your blog the top content your users are longing for and how you plan to implement their requests. Such an article will attract the attention of those who have passed your survey and will be one more evidence of your appreciation of your customers’ wishes. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone!

3. Use Backlinks

So, being guided by the previous tips, you probably already understood how you could promote your articles with the help of an email newsletter. Therefore, it would be quite advisable to mention how you can organically increase traffic to your site with high-quality backlinks. You probably tried to implement such a strategy once or twice, but not everyone has enough patience to wait for the high-end result. 

The thing is that if you implement this method yourself, it can take a lot of time and money to find high-quality links and not harm your previous search engine optimization efforts. If you are familiar with this, there is no need to search for relevant and high-quality backlinks manually.

You just need to start cooperating with the best site to buy backlinks at affordable prices. You will receive links from sites that match your niche and show do-follow signals. When implementing a backlink strategy, many business owners face the fact that the audience of their website and the third-party platform (the one that posts the backlink) does not match, so there is no traffic influx. That is why, for many, this strategy seems unsuccessful. But cooperation with the professionals will help avoid such problems, and there are some more interesting tools for SEO boosting and better content creation. Why not drive organic traffic to your site?

Hint! New users on your site mean expanding your base of email addresses. Just catch them with a lead magnet and keep improving your SEO results with email marketing.

4. Motivate Your Customers to Speak of You In Their Social Profiles

User engagement on social media is not a ranking factor for Google. However, you can still improve your search rankings by simply asking your users to share your social media content.

This can be done either by a direct appeal to subscribers (asking to share the content) or adding a “share” button. However, users are often reluctant to share other people’s content on their social media accounts. In this case, you can add that if a user shares a post on their social networks, they can get a discount on your product or service.

In addition to engagement, you can improve your brand recognition and increase google searches with this method. When other users see a brand on social media, they can start searching for it on Google. Such an approach can undoubtedly change your search engine rankings. But if you motivate a user to share content and get a discount in return, you can also increase sales. This method will work great during seasonal sales and holidays.

5. Ask Your Subscribers for Feedback

Another good way of email marketing and SEO synergy is to ask for feedback. For all businesses, having reviews is essential for improving the sales level and search engine rankings. 

If we consider the local business, it is vital to have a good local search rating. To do this, you need to register with Google My Business and launch a chain of emails to motivate your audience to create a testimonial for your company. Therefore, the positive feedback will allow you to rank better in local search, attract more target users, and level up your sales.

Besides, your users’ feedback will help your future product and/or service improvement and business development strategy. By the way, you can ask your users to leave their feedback on third-party sites or social media to further raise your rating, improve engagement and recognition.

The Bottom Line

So, email marketing and SEO belong to the most effective channels for attracting new target users and staying in touch with existing ones. They are also cost-effective, and the benefits you can get pay off the initial price. As you can see, it is quite possible to combine email marketing and SEO, and it is not difficult to do this. Such synergy will help you get additional traffic to the site, as well as attract new subscribers to drive them into the sales funnel. Isn’t that what you need?

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