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Validity Partners with emailexpert to bring Deliverability Summit

Validity, the most trusted leader in email deliverability, today announced its partnership with global email community, Emailexpert, to help businesses increase their return on email marketing programmes at Emailexpert’s 2020 Deliverability Summit, running on the 10th December. The virtual-only event brings together experts from across the email marketing community to share insights and knowledge on every aspect of email, from improving delivery and deliverability of email messages, which guarantees improved email return on investment, to masterclasses on metrics, hidden delivery issues, privacy and more. 

“This year, organisations across the globe in every industry are relying on email more than ever to communicate with their customers,” said Helen Parslow, VP International Marketing at Validity. “Deliverability is the cornerstone of all email communications and the science and art behind it has long been debated. This is an event for the email community, by the email community, to really dig into the nitty gritty of deliverability, whether they’re already working in email marketing or just want to expand their knowledge. We’re proud to support Emailexpert at this essential event and are looking forward to both sharing our own knowledge and hearing form other experts in this talented and diverse community.” 

“We are so glad of the support of Validity for our inaugural Deliverability Summit. Through this partnership we’ve got a very strong line-up, with insights, expertise and case studies directly from brand-side leaders. It’s going to be a great event and hopefully the first of many” said Andrew Bonar, co-Founder Emailexpert UK Ltd.

Validity will be hosting a number of sessions at the Deliverability Summit, which include:

  • ‘Disruption & Evolution: Why Email Shone in the 2020 Darkness’ with Guy Hanson –
    • A live session with guest speaker Antony Humphreys who heads up email at the RSPB

Validity experts will also be appearing on a number of ‘Ask the Expert Panels’, which are an opportunity for attendees to directly address the experts on specific issues that may be impeding their own email marketing campaigns.  

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