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Why Publishers Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Monetize Their Emails

Email Newsletters Have More Potential Than You Think

Last week, someone sent me a link from an article in The Guardian.  After reading it, I noticed another title that caught my attention. So, of course I clicked on it. But, instead of taking me to the article, a pop-up appeared asking me to register for free to continue reading the articles on the website. 

This is actually pretty common. In fact, you’ve probably had a similar experience yourself. More and more publishers are collecting email addresses from their readers. The reality is, last year brought a lot more than a pandemic. The resulting social distancing measures and shifting cultural norms also paved the way for a huge increase in digital engagement, which means more and more newsletters from publishers all over the world.

So, why do email newsletters come to play a leading role for publishers?  


  • A Look at Email in the World of Marketing Today
  • Programmatic Advertising – A Winning Strategy for Email Monetization
  • Email Monetization – A Secured Stream Of Extra-Revenue

Email Will Continue to Rule the World of Marketing

As one of the most mature communication tools, email generates the highest ROI ($42 for every $1 spent). And, despite all the excitement and promise of social media, email remains customers’ preferred tool for communicating with brands.

With more than four billion internet users worldwide, there’s one thing that unites most of them: email accounts, according to OptIn Monster’s Jacinda Santora. In fact, email actually predates the Internet itself. It’s so prevalent today that it’s almost difficult to wrap your mind around. 

There are actually more email accounts than there are people in the world!

And, as the past year showed us, for most businesses it’s the key to generating more sales, more clicks, and building a loyal base of subscribers.

Another key advantage is that email falls into the category of owned media; publishers have full control over this channel. 

During the discussions and debates about the third-party cookies phase-out, email got even more attention. 

There’s an old saying,  ‘When one door closes, another one opens.’ In this case, more than one new door opened up. Publishers are taking action to find a viable alternative to third-party cookies through collecting first-party data. Such as an email address.  

Using their own customer base allows publishers to exploit all the benefits of email newsletters, including revenue generation.

Publishers’ focus, therefore, should be on email to leverage the maximum return for their content investment.

Programmatic Advertising – A Winning Strategy for Email Monetization

With today’s technology, publishers can place programmatic native ads within the text of email newsletters and start to drive revenue in minutes.

In fact, with AI and machine learning insights, programmatic advertising is more efficient than it was just a few short years ago. Through its ability to sift through vast volumes of data in real time,  it can predict outcomes and suggest better actions. As a result,  today’s technologies can deliver more value to a publisher’s recipients.

Here’s how it works: Publishers offer their subscribers links to resources they need, while advertisers get their products and services in front of likely customers. It’s a win-win situation. Therefore, no one should underestimate the power of a well-done and curated newsletter.

Programmatic native ads are generally ‘promoted stories’ or ‘recommended content.’ What’s great about native ads is that they seamlessly blend with the surrounding content, which makes them appear more relevant and natural within a newsletter. 

If done well, such ads can work wonders for encouraging clicks and enhancing engagement levels.

Email Monetization – a Secured Stream of Extra-Revenue

By combining technology with email, you have a low-cost, high-impact way to market your business to your target audience.

Placing programmatic native ads in a newsletter is an innovative way to get more revenue flowing into your business. Use your content to garner interest, motivating more people to subscribe to your email newsletters. This way, you can start earning money from the get-go with every campaign you send out.

Email monetization has proved to be an excellent way to generate extra revenue, especially for publishers with consistent lists of subscribers. 

When producing content that promises to inform an audience about topics they are interested in, you as a publisher can attract them to your email list so they can get more of that information when subscribing to your newsletter. 

Building authority and trust through helpful information is the long-term payoff of email marketing. But if you’re looking for a short-term payoff that never stops, email monetization is the way to go. You get a secured stream of revenue and your readers benefit from unobtrusive targeted ads.

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