SendLane secures $20mn Investment

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A sponsor of Inbox Expo 2020, SendLane has secured $20mn in investment in its official Series A investment round. The business led by Jimmy Kim (an Inbox Expo 2021 speaker) has already seen $3mn in seed investment since the company was officially founded, as shared in an article TechCrunch.

Announced on their blog. Jimmy said “Partnering with Thomas Kershisnik and Dan Bjornson of Five Elms Capital, we are excited for not only what this funding will enable us to do but for who this funding will enable us to become!”

“I remember having dinner with Jimmy Kim and his business partners at the time in Miami 2014, the plan to build a new ESP seemed extremely audacious at the time. His excitement for the project was infectious.” said (our very own) Nely Bonar, Director of emailexpert.

I personally recall working with them in the very early days pre-deployment and during the launch phase. “There was a serious desire to invest the time and resources in the right infrastructure and design and deploy a system that would serve their target clients well. It was a serious undertaking but the team seemed equally serious about delivering on their dream. I could not be happier seeing the brand succeed.”

Sendlane has started out its journey as an email marketing automation platform focussed on digital retailers and their particular needs better than others in the space. With $20mn in investment their stated goals seem not so lofty after all. In their statement about the investment Jimmy said “Our mission is to be the single source of truth for your business by delivering deep data insights across the customer journey and eliminating data disparity by unifying your marketing stack.”

SendLane, one to watch moving forward.

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