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SparkPost today announced it has launched SparkPost Deliverability Analytics. The new tools are slated to reduce the time and effort it takes SparkPost sending customers to make data-driven decisions quickly. SparkPost customers will be armed with data-based insights to triage email campaign performance issues early, and respond to those issues with a view to improving audience engagement.

Key capabilities of SparkPost Deliverability Analytics include:

  • Automatic Inline Seeding for SparkPost senders – Easily configure and automatically seed marketing and transactional message streams allowing email professionals to set it and forget it; will automatically seed campaigns using the most up-to-date seedlist
  • Comprehensive Deliverability Metrics – Monitor deliverability with enhanced metrics including inbox rate and spam rate, powered by trusted data sources. SparkPost senders have the additional advantage of seeing deliverability metrics right in line with sending metrics, to get the full picture of the email lifecycle in a single view
  • Industry Benchmarking – Compare performance to industry peers and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Blocklist Monitoring & Remediation – Reduce negative impacts on sending with instant alerts on blocklistings and guided, customized remediation steps. Understand the real-world impact based on your unique sending patterns
  • Unlimited Seeding – While most other providers limit seeding each month, SparkPost offers unlimited seeds for testing and gaining insight into campaigns

“With commercial email volumes growing every day, and ISPs constantly changing the rules and filters, email marketers are having a harder time ensuring their emails make it to the inbox,” said Charlie Reverte, Chief Technology Officer at Sparkpost.

The SparkPost Deliverability Analytics solution is the latest in a string of email innovation investments, most recently its Taxi for Email acquisition. SparkPost’s capabilities touch every part of the email professional’s journey, from content design and development, to sending, to tracking performance and deliverability. This end-to-end approach maximizes efficiency while keeping costs streamlined for brands who have leaned into email, especially over the last year. Now, sending and tracking using SparkPost empowers brands to do more, faster, and with more clarity on best practices and bottlenecks.

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