Litmus Launches New Features & Integrations to Scale On-Brand Email Production

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Litmus recently announced new capabilities and integrations to further scale on-brand email production while empowering flexibility, creativity, and innovation. Updates include new integrations with HubSpot and Adobe Campaign Standard that empower users to build, test, and review emails more efficiently than ever before. New features in Visual Editor, Design Library, and Litmus Test support email marketers in their effort to create on-brand emails that drive business results without the need for extensive coding or technical knowledge.

Now, entire marketing teams are empowered to creatively, collaboratively, and quickly develop high-performing emails with drag-and-drop modular building in Visual Editor and the categorization of code resources in Design Library. This provides teams with the flexibility to create custom email designs for every project, while ensuring brand compliance, so they can focus on strategic innovation. As a result, it’s never been easier for all marketers — no matter their technical skills — to quickly produce customized, on-brand emails and hit business goals.

“The Litmus drag-and-drop modular building functionality can be a boon to any email team’s email creation process. It’s an intuitive tool for non-technical marketers and a luxury for experienced developers,” said Brandon Lawson at Ferguson Enterprises. “This feature will be an email building game-changer.”

Litmus continues to help marketing teams quickly create email experiences more creatively and collaboratively:

  • Drag-and-drop modular building in Visual Editor: Efficiently produce customized, on-brand, high-performing emails for every marketing need with the flexibile, easy-to-use new feature in Litmus’ Visual Editor.
  • Custom categories in Design Library: Easily find and utilize the right code resources regardless of a team member’s technical and coding abilities
  • Litmus Extension for Adobe Campaign Standard: Speed up the email workflow in Adobe Campaign Standard, without sacrificing quality. Get a guided check of the critical elements needed to enhance email performance without switching tools, reducing email development time, and review cycles while minimizing manual errors.
  • ESP Syncing for HubSpot: Connect Litmus and HubSpot seamlessly to further streamline the email development workflow, making it easier than ever to build, test, and review emails without manually copying and pasting code between tools.
  • Filter and sort email previews in Litmus Test: Optimize and accelerate email testing with filters by keyword, device type, popularity, or previews flagged for edits or review. These additions enable marketers to easily work together and create an exceptional email experience, faster than ever.

“Over 50% of marketing teams say it takes more than two weeks to create a single email. It’s more important than ever to find new ways to speed up and scale email creation without added resources,” said Melissa Sargeant, CMO of Litmus. “As a result, we are dedicated to helping marketers create exceptional brand experiences faster than ever with email, their most reliable channel, in order to maximize ROI and achieve business goals. Litmus’ priority when developing new features and establishing integrative partnerships is to provide users the tools they need to scale on-brand email production while encouraging efficient team collaboration.”

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