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4 Agencies: One Email Alliance

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Long standing friends of the emailexpert project, a cohort of four leading email-first agencies has converged to form the Global Email Alliance. These accomplished firms – RPE Origin, InboxArmy, Email Connect, and Email Industries – offer a unique blend of advanced email marketing services tailored towards ensuring unparalleled outcomes for enterprise brands.

This move is seen as a strategic initiative aimed at capitalising on the formidable expertise and distinctive capabilities of each firm in a cohesive alliance. Collectively, they represent a broad spectrum of email marketing requirements ranging from strategic planning, vendor selection, large-scale production to email deliverability.

RPE Origin, a vendor-agnostic, email-centric agency in the United States, immerses itself in transitioning organisations from basic to advanced strategy and is aimed at raising ROI via an information-centric methodology across varied industries.

InboxArmy stands out for its adept skillset across 40+ ESPs, centralising its prowess on creating email marketing campaigns at scale and remarkable efficiency in managing large program migrations.

Email Connect brings its expertise in simplifying the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to this coalition. The firm meticulously guides its clients through the journey of picking the ideal ESP or customer data platform (CDP), ensuring they lock-in optimal solutions.

Email Industries, recognised for its deliverability expertise, pledges its commitment to ensure clients’ marketing, sales, and transactional emails successfully reach the inboxes of the intended recipient, thus maximising the communication’s impact.

The alliance is led by industry leaders. Scott Hardigree, CEO of Email Industries, Christopher Marriott, CEO of Email Connect and Scott Cohen, CEO of InboxArmy, all emphasise the alliance’s primary mission: to deliver best-in-class services covering the entire spectrum of email marketing requirements. They share a common vision of increased collaboration and delivering critical services to clients at competitive rates.

Ryan Phelan, CEO of RPE Origin, holds the unique positioning of the alliance in high regard. Phelan says, “This alliance creates a streamlined team of experts across our allied agencies who understand the challenges and opportunities that email marketing represents for enterprise-level companies.”

Businesses can now tap into a rare blend of email marketing specialties that the Global Email Alliance promises. Indeed, this partnership emphasises each member’s commitment to enhancing enterprise brands’ success by leveraging the collective clout and resources within the email marketing industry. As the journey towards enhanced client success unfolds, the email marketing landscape stands on the cusp of exciting developments and unprecedented opportunities.

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