SendForensics Integrates Google Postmaster Data

SendForensics integrates Google Postmaster Tools data into its Email Deliverability Suite via the long-awaited (and much appreciated) Postmaster Tools API Beta.

As the world’s most popular email domain, Gmail forms the bulk of most B2C contact lists, and with the rising popularity of own-domain GSuite implementations, increasingly B2B lists too.

Now legitimate senders can ensure they maintain a good reputational relationship with Google and reach their audiences at Gmail/Gsuite addresses effectively, with Google Postmaster data processed, analysed and displayed directly within the SendForensics platform.

As part of the new Reputation Dashboard, senders’ domain/IP reputation, delivery errors, complaint rates and other Postmaster data is combined with additional reputational feeds, ESP engagement data, and standalone email analysis data, to render the complete deliverability picture.

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