What is the best email marketing platform for Wix ECommerce

How to choose the right email marketing software for your Wix E-Commerce business

When selecting the best email marketing platform for your Wix E-Commerce website, it is essential to look closely at what you want the platform to do. Wix is an easy to use website content management system (CMS); it is especially popular with solo entrepreneurs or small teams who do not have the funds to hire professional web designers. The platform is well known for its beautiful templates and drag and drop ease of use, not necessarily for its integrations or apps. 

It is a common thought that Wix websites are not sophisticated enough to handle integrating with an email marketing platform – this is simply not true. You do not need to migrate your website to a more traditional e-commerce platform such as Magento or Shopify to leverage email marketing in your business. There are some great choices of email marketing platforms that can help your Wix based e-commerce business mature. If you choose wisely, the marketing platform can grow with your business regardless of the website framework that you use for your shop. 

The fundamental tenet of email marketing is that you are building a relationship with your customer; each email should feel like a conversation. An email marketing platform that allows you enough insight into your shopper to make the conversation real and not feel like they are reading spam is critical to the success of your email marketing strategy. 

Features to look out for when choosing the best email marketing platform for your Wix store are;

  • – Easy to use templates and email builders
  • -Automations 
  • – Contact tagging and segmentation
  • – Global privacy and GDPR compliance
  • – Management of your email list including unsubscribes, optins and opt-outs

How does Wix Email Marketing work?

Wix Email Marketing (previously known as Wix Shout Out) is the in-house email marketing tool creating by and for Wix websites. It has a simple email builder that is very similar to use to the Wix page builder, and it allows you to send basic marketing emails and share them to social media. The platform is exceptionally lightweight and is missing most of the features that make email marketing a powerful tool for businesses. 

Is Wix Email Marketing Free?

Wix Email Marketing is a free tool for up to 5000 emails per month. If your business sends more than 5000 emails per calendar month, there is a premium plan available. It is highly unlikely that if your business were sending 5000 emails per month, you would find the feature set in Wix Email Marketing sufficient or optimal for the scale of your business.

What email marketing tools are compatible with Wix?

There are several email marketing tools that integrate directly with Wix websites via the Wix App Market. These integrations include:

  • Smoove Email Marketing (native)
  • Constant Contact (via third party developer)
  • Mailchimp (via third party developer)
  • Privy (via third party developer)
  • AWeber (via third party developer)

If you wanted to integrate a different email marketing platform to your Wix website, you would need to use the skills of an experienced Wix developer to set up this integration for you.

What is better, Wix Email or MailChimp?

Mail Chimp provides an excellent entry-level list of features, excellent list management and up to date global privacy compliance. When it comes to the more advanced features of automations and customer segmentation, Mailchimp’s features are light years ahead of Wix Email and provides a much broader base to establish an e-commerce email marketing strategy.

What Wix compatible email marketing software allow for email automations? 

Mailchimp and Constant Contact are the widest used email marketing platforms with Wix websites that have inbuilt automations as a standard feature. Do remember that you are not limited to just the apps that are available in the Wix App Market. Investing in a few hours with a Wix web developer will enable you to connect your Wix e-commerce site to almost any email marketing platform that you want to use. For some more information about email marketing platforms for e-commerce head here (Email Marketing for E-Commerce Landing Page).

Wix Email Marketing is the most common email marketing tool used with Wix websites; however, it may not provide the flexibility and features that you need to grow your business. Make sure when you are looking for an email marketing software that you look closely at the current needs of your e-commerce store and also the future needs so that you can make a choice that will allow your business to reach its potential. 


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