Pathwire Announced Acquisition of Email on Acid

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Pathwire today announced that it has acquired Email on Acid as part of its mission to become the most comprehensive email service provider (ESP) on the market. With the acquisition of Email on Acid, Pathwire now controls the entire email lifecycle from pre-deployment through delivery.

“One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is knowing how to manage the differences in the way various email clients render campaigns,” said John Thies, co-founder and CEO of Email on Acid. “For 12 years, we’ve simplified that complexity with reliable email previews across dozens of clients and devices as well as a growing set of tools that help marketers deliver email perfection. Email on Acid is excited to join forces with the Pathwire team because our missions are directly aligned.”

Email on Acid is a pre-deployment platform that is already integrated into the Mailjet product set via a feature called Inbox Preview. With this addition, Pathwire extends to its customers one of the most challenging pieces of the puzzle around email success by providing a more robust product offering, as well as new features and capabilities. Mailgun and Mailjet users will also get access to instant email testing, content checks, and analytics for additional insight into what happens to messages in the inbox to make email better for everyone.

“While having the world’s leading email API and innovative email marketing solution are one part of the equation to building a reliable path to the inbox, we wanted to go further,” said Will Conway, CEO of Pathwire. “That’s why we’re thrilled to grow and expand our product offering to ensure nothing stands between your business and the inbox. With Pathwire and Email on Acid, building connected experiences just became easier. The joint technologies enable successful outcomes through a proactive, prescriptive approach that represents a great win for the industry.”

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