MessageGears New Data-Centric Segmentation Tool

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MessageGears announces Data Variables, a campaign customization tool that gives marketers more control of their data. Data Variables, which is available today at no extra cost to brands using MessageGears’ Message and Segment products, allows marketers to build customer-specific campaigns more quickly using data that has been categorized in advance.

MessageGears has had functionality similar to Data Variables for some time. The functionality is being relaunched (and renamed: it was called Launch Variables) as part of an effort to make campaign development faster and smoother. The enhanced tool gives IT/data admins the ability to put “guardrails” in place, clarifying for the marketing admin which data she/he can use in a campaign. Meanwhile, marketing admins get access to a predefined list of customer data points, making campaign development easier.

For example, a marketing admin for the National Football League might want to send an email to fans of various football teams across the country. The data admin could set up the query so the marketer could target campaigns toward specific fan bases without needing IT assistance. That way, fans of the Carolina Panthers would receive an email that was specific to their team, while fans of the Atlanta Falcons would receive the same email, only with information specific to them. By choosing the data variables in advance, the data management burden on IT is reduced and marketers can send personalized messages more quickly.

“Data Variables will undoubtedly elevate the setup and execution of marketing campaigns,” said Ricky Timbers, Senior Product Manager at MessageGears. “Users can launch a campaign to an external source, such as Twitter or Facebook, or use MessageGears’ Message product to send via email, push or SMS. Adding structure and flexibility to data variable definition and assignment will save IT and Marketing time and lead to more customized campaigns.”

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