Mailkit Partners with Dayman for BIMI Solution

The European vendor Mailkit, an emailexpert Festival of Email sponsor, has announced the launch of a new business NOTAMIQ. Presented as a BIMI asset management platform.

Mailkit has been heavily invested in BIMI development for a considerable amount of time and operates a popular and effective free BIMI validator, has been helping brands deploy BIMI and been front and centre sharing their experience with the wider community. Jakub Olexa founder and CEO of Mailkit has been a frequent speaker and panelist at emailexpert events, provides emailexpert Academy training on the subject of email authentication and has been a welcome addition to panels dicussing BIMI on several occassions.

Joining forces with email abuse and security professional industry veteran Dennis Dayman NOTAMIQ, Inc is a registered Delware corporation.

“The mission of NOTAMIQ is to provide an easy to use hosted brand management service. their service focuses on brand identificators (logo) hosting and delegated hosting services. Our goal is to let customers manage, deploy and monitor all brand identificators in one place – from website icons (favicons), logos used in brand presence on social networks to messaging identificators BIMI, or Brand Indicators for Message Identification” said Dennis Dayman.