WhatCounts and Windsor Circle Merge and Rebrand

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WhatCounts and Windsor Circle, a leading automated personalization platform, announced a combining and rebranding of the two companies, owned by Output Services Group (OSG) under the name WhatCounts, an OSG Company.

Armed with a new look and tagline—Market Better, Mark It Done—WhatCounts’ solution set includes cross-channel marketing powered by artificial intelligence and a full-service digital agency. “Rebranding to WhatCounts: Market Better, Mark It Done, really hones in on our ability to help our clients deliver the most impactful customer communications possible by enabling the use of data in the right ways, at the right moments, through the right channels.  I’m particularly excited to be able to offer an all-in-one solution to enterprise clients.” stated Matt Williamson, Chief Operating Officer.

WhatCounts’ new offering enables marketers to take advantage of data to power more than just email campaigns. Marketers can use the platform to drive campaigns through key channels, such as email, social, and SMS, and elevate their marketing strategies. “We’re excited to debut the new WhatCounts and really show the market, and our clients, what we’re capable of,” explained Daniel Caplin, President. “As we move into 2019, we’re focused on helping clients create seamless cross-channel marketing campaigns that resonate with customers and subscribers on a personal level,” continued Caplin.

Created with the marketer in mind, WhatCounts allows marketers to increase efficiencies with fewer vendors, optimize campaigns with personalization and predictive data sets derived from propensity models, innovate across channels with the support of WhatCounts marketing specialists, and reap the benefits of access to their data. “We understand that every business is different—facing unique challenges, barriers, and goals—and we designed our platform with that in mind,” stated Nicole Woods, VP of Product. “To that end, marketers can choose which portions of the platform and services to use—we don’t subscribe to the one-size-fits-all mentality and marketers shouldn’t either,” continued Woods.

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