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Vertical Specific Email Campaign Strategies to Win Back Customers post Lock Down

The coronavirus crisis has shaken the foundations of every industry currently operating in the world. The crisis is not only devastating people’s lives but also the global economy has been affected badly. Such systemic shocks topple the best-laid plans and strategies for the brand marketers and take them back to the drawing board. A new marketing playbook needs to be created during the lock-down period as well as post-lock-down as the restrictions ease and the economy gradually opens up. 

Certain industries have been impacted positively by this crisis eg: Edtech, E-grocery, E-commerce, etc. We have an in-depth look as to how should these industries leverage this once in a lifetime opportunity to grow their email audience and skyrocket their ROIs. We have detailed statistics on how the different industries have been doing during the crisis and how they are expected to continue growing post-pandemic as well. 

In these industry-wise whitepapers we have provided :

  • Campaign strategies for the industry brands to follow through during the crisis. 
  • How global brands are communicating with their users with campaign examples
  • Tips and principles for a marketer to communicate effectively with your customers during the crisis. 
  • Email practices for a marketer to avoid sending your crisis update.
  • What is the specific industry outlook in the post-lock-down period?
  • Principles for email communication to aid a marketer during the post-lock-down period. 
  • Campaign strategies and global examples in the post-lock-down period. 

We finally end it with insightful takeaways on the specific industry and how campaign strategies need to evolve for engaging the audience in the ‘new normal’.

Actionable campaign strategies for E-commerce/E-grocery during and post-lock-down period

Due to the social distancing norms put in place globally as a result of the global pandemic, the majority of the population are confined to their homes. 

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the demand for online shopping for essentials has made eCommerce a requirement. According to the latest survey conducted by us, email is still the preferred channel for communication for 75% of global users during the crisis. So email marketing as an opportunity should not be missed for this industry.

Some statistics showing the rise of online shopping during the crisis:

  • 15-20% increase in online grocery shopping in the U.S.A.
  • Online shopping as a part of retail reached 30.7% in April, an 8% increase from that in March. 
  • Traditional grocery and chain stores in the U.S., Canada have seen an 80% increase in online sales in April. First time online shoppers have grown globally by 119% compared to the same time last year. 
  • We also see a bounce back in April from online stores globally with orders increased by 40% and conversion rate lifted to 12%. 

But you have to connect with your customers in a way that builds trust and gains their confidence. It is also important for your brand to be present and visible online to gain their attention. We have developed a  white-paper we have developed on strategies to implement for e-commerce/e-grocery brands during and post-lock-down period. 

This guide will offer the following takeaways:

  • Essential email strategies for e-Commerce / e-grocery industry during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Tips to communicate with your brands during these tough times 
  • Practices to avoid sending your corona crisis email update
  • Impact on the e-commerce industry post-lockdown era
  • Principles for communicating in the post-lockdown era
  • Campaign strategies and examples for e-commerce to pick up on the revenue

Implementing some of these strategies for your email program will increase your ROI and engagement.  With this comprehensive guide, you will know more about what is the impact during and post-lock-down era.

The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Email Strategies for Edtech During and Post Lock-down Era

Education has always been an integral part of our world. It’s an element that has brought humanity to where we are right now. Without the ability to transfer knowledge from one person to another, what we see around us, would not be possible. 

But in this era, where the world is under lockdown, businesses have slowed, and education has come to a halt, Edtech companies have come forward to ensure education continues. Because the future of the economy depends on an educated workforce. 

As more schools and universities are encouraging students to take up courses online, the Edtech industry has seen an increase in the number of signups like never before. So take this up as an opportunity to connect with your students in a better way.

This whitepaper outlines techniques that you, as an Edtech brand, can implement immediately in your campaigns and create an impact in the minds of your subscribers. Every idea presented within this whitepaper is designed that it can be implemented right from your next email campaign.

Some relevant statistics for the Edtech industry during the crisis:

  • Simplilearn, with offices in San Francisco and Bengaluru, has grown to 3 million users globally with a further estimated growth rate of 20% over the course of this year. 
  • With the addition of personalized training, Vedantu has amassed earnings of over $85 million and is taking steps to 4x its growth. 
  • A lot of Edtech companies have started hiring with plans to triple their employees count by the year 2021. 
  • Running campaigns at this point, and reaching more students can achieve a much higher conversion rate as examinations are getting delayed. 

This guide will offer the following takeaways:

  • Essential Email Strategies for Edtech Industry during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Tips to communicate with your brands during these tough times 
  • Practices to avoid sending your corona crisis email update
  • Impact on the Edtech industry post-lockdown era
  • Principles for communicating in the post-lockdown era
  • Campaign strategies and examples for EdTech to boost their revenue


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