StreamSend: Franchise Email Marketing Guide

StreamSend shares a guide with franchise marketers and agencies on how to build a centralized email marketing program that boosts local sales and enhances brand loyalty while controlling the brand on a corporate level. Franchise Email Marketing: Benefits and Best Practices for a Centralized Approach lays out the key steps for success.

“Knowing that emails are an extension of their brand, franchise marketers and agencies are looking to leveraging and protect that value,” said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. “By centralized their approach tofranchise email marketing, they gain that ability, producing campaigns with a local impact that engage more customers and create more business. Our Franchise Email Marketing Guide gives them a resource to succeed on both counts.”

Franchise marketers and agencies can follow the guide step-by-step to learn best practices for centralizing, automating and localizing email marketing programs, including:

1. Think globally, act locally to grow sales at the local level while protecting brand equity

2. How to make centralized email marketing programs work hard for profit and brand

3. The essential role of a solid database

4. Organizing databases by campaigns to maximize ROI

5. Enhancing brand and response with email templates

6. How automating makes life easier for marketer and subscribers

7. Unlocking email campaign value with analytics

You can read StreamSend’s Franchise Email Marketing Guide here. (registration required).

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