AppRiver Released Q1 Global Security Report

AppRiver recently released its Q1 Global Security Report, a detailed summary and analysis of malware and spam trends traced between January and March 2015.


During the first quarter of 2015, AppRiver quarantined 5.5 billion spam messages (83 percent of all email traffic) and blocked 200 million messages containing viruses in attachments. Total spam traffic increased 38 percent from the previous quarter, while spam originating from North America and Europe accounted for 78 percent of all Q1 spam traffic.

The start of 2015 also proved to be busy on the tax-scam front. AppRiver’s Security Research Team detected an increase in the amount of tax-related spam intending to phish users for sensitive data or infect PCs. Senior Security Analyst Fred Touchette reminds users how to stay safe this tax season in a blog post that can be viewed online here.

“We’ve seen hundreds of variants of tax-themed email campaigns attempting to dupe users in the first quarter of 2015,” said Touchette. “The majority of messages either contain malware directly as an attachment or contain a URL leading to a malicious payload. More and more users are now filing electronically and in the eyes of unsuspecting users, many emails can seem legitimate.”

You can download full report here: