Adestra selects PowerMTA from Port25

Adestra and Port25 Solutions recently announced  that Adestra has chosen Port25’s flagship product PowerMTA™ for the outbound digital messaging infrastructure of its platform, MessageFocus. In a statement released by Adestra, CEO Henry Hyder-Smith said,

“We are currently sending a rapidly increasing volume of digital messages, and we expect that trend to continue. PowerMTA™ is a great fit because it takes the worry out of managing queues and allows our deliverability staff to focus on other important responsibilities, which helps ensure our clients’ messages are getting to the inbox, on time, every time.” Hyder-Smith added, “Port25 certainly understands the needs of an ESP’s technical and deliverability teams. They gave us the freedom to evaluate PowerMTA™ in our own sending environment, and all the support we needed to get up and running in a timely manner. They also helped us complete the implementation very rapidly, which was essential, considering the rate at which our business, and therefore our digital messaging throughput, is growing.”

Hyder-Smith noted that Adestra’s previous open-source solution—because it does not maintain independent queues of messages for specific domains or hosts—would struggle under the load of very large outbound queues, often requiring manual intervention to ensure timely delivery disbursement. PowerMTA™, in contrast, excels in this regard, optimizing injection rates and radically diminishing queue sizes with little manual intervention required.

Adestra has also benefitted from PowerMTA™’s PowerQueue technology, as it delivers well over 10x more messages per hour than leading open source alternatives such as Exim and Postfix. This has made it a perfect solution for handling Adestra’s growing email volumes: With the launch of their US division late last year, Adestra have seen digital messaging traffic scale drastically, peaking currently at 5MM messages per hour.

Besides PowerQueue, there are other technical aspects of PowerMTA that impressed Adestra during the decision-making process. These include proactive rate-limiting features, such as granular delivery control on separate VMTAs for compliance among gateways, and the ability to throttle complementary delivery streams. Adestra mentioned other specific reasons for choosing PowerMTA, including cost effectiveness and customized licensing options. They are also benefitting from more efficient queue management, including fast injection rates, and more efficient use of hardware, while maintaining their high deliverability standards.

Adestra and Port25 Solutions, Inc. are pleased to jointly announce this mutually beneficial partnership, and look forward to working together for a long time to come.Nely Bonar Nely Bonar