Validity Partner Program Relaunched

Validity, the leading provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions, announced that it has partnered with The Hunley Group, LLC, Admin Within, Data Therapy, Compound Growth Marketing, Provisions Group, AIQUEOUS, Eigen X, and B2B Fusion Group to offer its customers even more data products. These partnerships are intended to demonstrate Validity’s commitment to the success of its partners and their customers.

Validity states poor quality data can be a silent killer of businesses in today’s uncertain global market and that ignoring data issues can cost businesses up to 10% of their annual revenue. The Validity Partner Program provides businesses of all sizes with an opportunity to invest in better data quality.

“Serving companies of all sizes in more markets is a strategic priority for our business,” said Karen Friedrich, SVP of Global Channels at Validity. “Increasing the breadth of our data partnerships aligns with this goal, as it will enable Validity to reach deeper into the market, create a more robust ecosystem of partners across multiple verticals and geographies, and increase partners’ customer retention. Ensuring that both partners and their customers alike are finding success with our solutions is of utmost importance to our team.”

A recent press release stated that the Validity Partner Program gives partners access to the full range of Validity products. This allows them to build services-based recurring revenue, make shared customers more successful, and amplify their brand presence to a broader audience. Working together, Validity and its partners can serve the market and their shared customers with a more holistic range of products and associated services. Validity’s partners play an essential role in helping customers grow faster by optimizing their email marketing, simplifying their data management, and improving their sales productivity.

“Since our founding, Hunley Group has believed that maintaining good data quality in a CRM is core to successful adoption and effectiveness of the platform,” said Aaron Ayer, Partner and Founder of The Huntley Group, LLC.

“We have utilized Validity’s DemandTools products for all our CRM data needs since 2006 across hundreds of Salesforce® instances,” added Theresa DeRycke, Owner and Data Therapist at Data Therapy™, LLC. “The only way to manage massive amounts of data is by leveraging leading solutions, like those Validity provides. Through their support, our team is able to seamlessly manage our CRM data, ultimately boosting our customer engagement strategy.”

Validity is still looking for the best providers to join its network of partners. The company states it is aware of the challenges businesses face and is making investments in the channel to better serve its partners and customers. Looking ahead, Validity plans to innovate its technology and tailor its products and services to businesses of all sizes.