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Nadim Lahoud (@NadimLahoud) thoroughly enjoyed testing and training our machine vision-based logo detection model! 📸

Keen to join our Engineering team? Check out our latest job openings at:

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#Healthcare still the #1 industry targeted by cyberattacks - continuing the trend for 12 consecutive years (@IBM ).

The @NHS aims to combat the risks with #DMARC compliance via the DCB1596 email standard.

Find out why that's the MINIMUM expectation:

What are the most sophisitcated security challenges IT leaders are facing in 2023? Ivan Ristic, Chief Scientist at @redsift covers ways on how IT professionals can prevent security based attacks.

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The top #CyberSecurity risks all practitioners and enterprises should be aware of in #2023.

Hear from Mark McGovern, @HomairaAkbari and @Rois_cyberstuff as they predict which trends they expect to see over the next 12 months and beyond.

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Find out how OnDMARC's Investigate Tool helped @pipedrive to quickly configure their sending domains in just 6 weeks!
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Read the full case study at

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Modern #CyberSecurity: How to take control of your ever-evolving attack surface.

Find out:
✅ How to identify blind spots in your estate
✅ Why legacy tech is not fit for purpose
✅ How to stop lookalike domain attacks and protect your #email

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