Threats Report: Dealing with E-Zpass Malware Spam

Malcovery recently released a ‘Special Brief: Today’s Top Threats Report: Asprox/Kuluoz Malware,” a free threat intelligence briefing that details the malware that was used in the recent headline making attacks on E-ZPass. Unfortunately, E-ZPass is the latest in a long list of brands infected by this dangerous malware.

Over the past few weeks, there have been many warnings published by news outlets concerning the E-ZPass phishing attacks, advising consumers to ‘delete the email.’ While this is clearly good advice for the consumers in terms of dealing with the short term ‘symptoms’ of the phishing attack, more needs to be done to address the root cause of email-based threats and to stop future attacks. In many cases, networks have been breached as a result of these style of attacks, and enterprises don’t even realize they have been compromised. Ultimately, even the best email security solutions are prone to failure and hostile emails bearing this malware are likely to present within protected environments.

This exclusive report by Malcovery is the first analysis of how it happened and what action you can take.

This special Today’s Tops Threats (T3) report describes:

  •     The recent history of the Asprox/Kuluoz malware
  •     The tactics utilized by online criminals to secure new infections
  •     How this malware takes advantage of the machines which have already fallen victim to these attacks

You can download report here: (registration required)Nely Bonar Nely Bonar