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Tom Blijleven: emailexpert showcased

This is a new series of blog posts to showcase our speakers and other emailexpert community leaders.

Tom Blijleven is responsible for marketing at Flowmailer. He is passionate about email and helping businesses succeed. He is known to pay it forward and his passion for the community and aiding a better email ecosystem is clear to anyone who has the opportunity to meet or work with him.

Tom helped emailexpert to organize the Inbox Expo 2020 Dutch Day, which provided a wealth of information about email marketing in the Dutch language. This has set the scene for us to collaborate further and emailexpert looks forward to his support for #MarTechFest in the Netherlands in September 2023.

If you join us you will get the opportunity to connect with up to 1000 marketers in person! We encourage you to follow Tom on Twitter and Linkedin he frequently shares valuable content for email marketers.

Tom Blijleven

Marketer, Flowmailer now a Spotler Group company.

Responsible for Marketing at Flowmailer

What year did you first use email?

a year when a lot of my email geek friends were already email seniors

What year did you first stat working in email?


Tell us about your work in email

I’ve started doing marketing for an email marketing agency. Now I still do marketing, but for a vendor in the email space. Email + marketing is the common thread here, but not necessarily email marketing. Get it?

If you could have any email superpower, what power would you have and why?

Reading the recipient’s mind

What are your passions outside email?

I’m the type to have different hobbies throughout the year. One month I’m gaming, the other I’m baking & cooking new recipes. It changes a lot.

Cats or Dogs?

Dog Person

When did you first speak for emailexpert?

Inbox Expo 2021

Connect with Tom

Watch Video with Tom


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