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Nov 01
Matt Barnett: Personalised Email Expert Showcased

The team have at Emailexpert connected with Matt Barnett and his team of personalised video marketing experts several years ago and are glad that we did. The founder of Bonjoro, an app that originally enabled you to send personalised welcome, onboarding and similar videos with relative ease and scale to your customers and prospects. Matts […]

Oct 31
Rickey White: Deliverability Expert Showcased

This week we kick off with an incredible friend and valued member of the emailexpert community Rickey White. The team has known Rickey for many years now and his experience, knowledge and connections across the email deliverability space are enviable. We were extremely lucky to have Rickey act as the MC of the 2021 Winter […]

Oct 27
Chester Bullock: Emailexpert showcased

Every now and again you come across someone who operates with a truly community first mindset, no hidden agendas and a true desire to share their experience and help others in the community. We are lucky enough to include one such person in the emailexpert community. We caught up with Chester Bullock our friend and […]

Oct 27
Lisa S. Jones: Emailexpert showcased

We are so pleased to be able to include the rockstar Lisa Jones in our inaugural series of speaker showcases. Where we look to recognise the amazing leaders in the space who found the time to level up the emailexpert community with their support. We are extremely grateful to include Lisa S. Jones as a […]

Oct 26
Tom Blijleven: emailexpert showcased

This is a new series of blog posts to showcase our speakers and other emailexpert community leaders. Tom Blijleven is responsible for marketing at Flowmailer. He is passionate about email and helping businesses succeed. He is known to pay it forward and his passion for the community and aiding a better email ecosystem is clear […]

Nov 20
Emailexpert Speaker Showcase: Nadja von Massow

Nadja von Massow is a seasoned eCRM Strategist, Digital Designer & Creative Consultant with a particular focus on the synergy between creative and data. She has worked on both client and agency sides in digital Marketing since 1997 with a growing passion and expertise for everything email, leading creative campaign teams for some of the […]

Oct 31
Emailexpert Speaker Showcase: Wilbert Heinen

In this speaker showcase we get to meet one of our Dutch Day speakers Wilbert Heinen. We were privileged to host him at Netcore Inbox Expo 2021 Spring Edition and consider him a valued member of the emailexpert community. Wilbert Heinen, Digital Marketer, Centraal Beheer Wilbert Heinen, Email Developer and currently working as a Digital […]

Oct 31
Emailexpert Speaker Showcase: Louise Feaheny

We are incredibly lucky to include Louise Feaheny as a member of the emailexpert community. If you work in any field where emails are a part of your job you know how life tends to get hectic. From pre-sales support to technical support, we all get emails. If you’re an email administrator it’s also likely […]

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