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Lisa S. Jones: Emailexpert showcased

We are so pleased to be able to include the rockstar Lisa Jones in our inaugural series of speaker showcases. Where we look to recognise the amazing leaders in the space who found the time to level up the emailexpert community with their support. We are extremely grateful to include Lisa S. Jones as a valued member of our community.

If you’ve worked in digital marketing for a while, chances are you’ve heard of Lisa Jones. She’s a digital marketing maven and a star speaker, with a track record of helping companies of all sizes use video in email. Lisa is a founder of EyeMail and she spoke at emailexpert conferences InboxExpo 2021 and Festival of Email 2021.

Whilst at emailexpert we have not had the chance to meet Lisa in person, we feel like we have as a result of many Zoom calls. Her enthusiasm and zest for life is truly infectious. We look forward to hosting Lisa in person at a future emailexpert event. We are grateful for her support. Follow her on Linkedin to follow her incredible journey she is often recognised by global companies for her leadership in the space, and is often celebrating the incredible work of others in the marketing space. Sharing her reach with her network and delivering value by surfacing other professionals with inspirational stories and not afraid to share fun personal insights that makes you both think and smile.

You will not regret following Lisa S. Jones!

About Lisa S. Jones

For more than 16 years, Lisa has been a digital innovator and disruptor for marketing communications. As CEO and founder of EyeMail Inc. she has developed multiple, patent-pending technologies within the digital video-in-email marketing space. Since 2004, Lisa has continuously evolved the EyeMail Inc. brand, expanding into Canada, UK, and India. She is a board member of the Technology Association of Georgia Diversity and Inclusion and volunteers at the local chapter of the Women in Technology Association for the ‘Girls Initiative’ program.

Lisa has an MBA from Alabama A&M University, an executive degree from the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth and is currently enrolled at Harvard Business School for an MBA in Marketing Studies. She is a considered a trailblazer for women in technology, frequently speaks at national and international conferences, and is recognized as an industry thought leader.

What year did you first use email?


What year did you first work in email?


Tell us about your work in email

As the Founder of EyeMail inc, my multi-patent pending technologies allow a 60+ second ultra high definition video to play in the email at 15K in size with no downloads or clicks to external websites to play a video. Compare that to the industry standard definition of video in email is a 5 second animated picture that requires you to click to watch the full video outside of email. With EyeMail technology we are expending the ability to provide a 360 degree brand experience into email and text.

If you could have any email superpower, what power would you have and why?

To enable the email viewers to smell the email for a fuller engagement experience beyond sight and sound.

What are your passions outside email?

I really enjoy learning and take every opportunity in my free time to do that. Additionally, I love travelling and experiencing new people and their stories.

Cats or Dogs?

Dog Person

When did you speak for emailexpert and how was it valuable?

March 2021, value to connect with other thought leaders around the world, and share leading practice, Trend, innovation and future predictions in the email and video in email.

Connect with Lisa

Watch Video with Lisa


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