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Innovative Email Marketing Platform Syrup Debuts with $3.3M Backing

Cleveland-based start-up, Syrup, has launched an advanced email marketing platform aimed at enabling Software as a Service (SaaS) companies to provide personalized communication to their customers. The official launch announcement coincides with the disclosure of $3.3 million seed funding raised, with High Alpha Capital, a prominent investor in B2B SaaS companies, leading the round.

Syrup’s platform, known as the Product-led Email (PLE) platform, integrates predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and product usage data to facilitate customized communication. This targeted approach enhances customer loyalty and retention, creating opportunities for increased revenue.

“SaaS companies need tools that fit into the modern tech stack, and traditional email service providers have not been able to keep pace,” noted Brad Owen, Co-Founder and CEO of Syrup. “Syrup’s entry into the market introduces smarter, personalized solutions designed to improve customer interaction.”

The platform simplifies customer engagement by providing pre-set audience categories and automated communication. It facilitates targeted campaigns based on actionable insights, like activity level and likelihood to convert. The co-founders, brothers, Brad Owen and Michael Classen, bring a wealth of experience in marketing, data science and SaaS sectors to the venture.

High Alpha’s backing of Syrup is in line with their history of supporting innovative SaaS businesses. Mike Fitzgerald, Partner at High Alpha, mentioned, “We are impressed by Brad Owen and Michael Classen’s innovative approach to email marketing. We believe Syrup’s platform can revolutionize SaaS customer engagement, and we’re excited to be part of this journey.” To date, High Alpha has raised over $250 million across three funds, helping more than 70 start-ups launch and expand.

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