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Prepare well for Valentine's Day email marketing campaigns by verifying your email lists.

We LOVE high deliverability, so we've prepared Valentine's deal that lasts until 02/14.

20% extra credits for every purchase! 💙


Want to improve your email marketing strategy? Cleaning up your list can lead to higher engagement and better ROI. Check our latest blog post on why you should delete unsubscribed and bounced contacts from your email list:

The Bouncer team is traveling to InboxExpo 2023 in just a few weeks! During the conference, our founder Radek will talk about the key to high deliverability. Don't miss it! 📩

P.S. If you want to meet and talk with us in Valencia, let us know -

Are you noticing a decline in engagement or conversions for your marketing campaign? It may be time for a refresh! Check out our blog post for tips on identifying and improving underperforming campaigns:

Happy Valentine's... just kidding!

This is just a part of our #AheadOfTime series, where we'll remind you about interesting email marketing opportunities. Valentine's Day comes first! 👇

Buying a mailing list may seem like an easy way to quickly grow your email subscriber base, but it's not worth it in the long run. Find the reasons why in our new blogpost: