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Want to keep a historical account of campaigns and personalized content that you have sent? WhatCounts now provides the ability to generate an email snapshot to save and store HTML or PNG screenshots of emails that you send. To learn more:

2020 has been a long year, but the holidays are almost among us and if you haven’t already, now is the time to look at three quick things you can do to ensure you are holiday-ready.

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With WhatCounts, you can segment your target audience based on their browsing behavior of your site. Add WhatCounts’ behavior tracking scripts to your website(s) to leverage browsing data to further tailor your customer engagement. To learn more:

Announcing WhatCounts' new Coupon Manager, which streamlines using coupons in campaigns. This new feature allows you to send a one time use code to each person, enhancing customer engagement, and minimizing coupon code abuse. To learn more:

A DMARC policy is a great way to improve and monitor protection of domains from fraudulent emails—be sure to follow theses best practices:

Jumpstart your customer engagement with WhatCounts. After working with hundreds of Finance companies, we’ve learned a thing or two about your needs. Take your customer engagement to the next level with PRE-CONFIGURED industry specific curated content.