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The three aspects that determine your email delivery are:

⭐ SMTP infrastructure
🚀 Sender Reputation
📝 Content of your message

With an #SMTP email relay service, marketers can send transactional emails and essential communication to their customers knowing that their emails are making it into the inbox.

Knowing exactly what #SMTP technology is and how it works can seem complicated, however simply put, it is a technology which relays email messages from one server to another. To achieve this, it uses many different methods. It is something which we here at @smtpcom specialize in.

Transactional emails are the kind of emails that are usually automatically sent upon some kind of user activity as a form of confirmation, notification, or acknowledgement.

#TransactionalEmails are therefore held to stricter sending standards than traditional #EmailMarketing.

Why are your emails going to spam? Lets review some of the potential reasons:

➡️ You may be sending emails to the wrong audience
➡️ Your email copy might have spam trigger words and phrases
➡️ You may have a bad sending reputation