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SMS alerts get more people's attention by sending alerts directly to their mobile device. By adding links to your texts, you can include online forms, or direct web traffic.

Last week we shared the benefits of a Food Bank availability notification. Now we'll show you how to set one up and automate the process!

Food bank availability notifications can also be used to help food banks better serve those with special dietary needs, and provide care to those in need regardless of the requirements.

Our use cases leverage automation tools to deliver the best result possible, and can be enhanced even further with those tools. Our full suite of automation tools can be found here:

Our blocklist monitor provides a quick and easy way to ensure that if a client no longer wishes to receive messages, you follow spam regulations, protecting everyone involved!

As weather conditions become more extreme in both summer and winter, lines outside of food banks can be a difficult proposition. Ensure people know that they can get what they need with an availability notification solution!