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Consistent follow-up emails deliver results. And guess what? Many of your competitors aren’t using this to their advantage. Will you fall behind too? Read this post.

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7 days ago

#158 - What To Do When Cold Email Works Too Well with Trevor Pare (Part 2)

This is the second half of our interview with Trevor Pare, the co-founder of DarkRoast Digital, a graphic design shop for marketers who need high quality design work.

In this episode Trevor is going to school us on his secrets to outbound success, so jump back into the conversation.

- How to use video to generate leads
- The best approach to scaling
- Is automation always an option?
- How to include referrals in your process
- Using inbound to create content to supplement your outbound effort

And be sure to check out Part 1 of our conversation with one of the sharpest marketers we had on the show.

Happy Cold Emailing!
Jeremy and Jack

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2 weeks ago

Episode #157: Trevor Pare - What to Do When Cold Email Works Too Well (Part 1)

In the following two episodes, we are joined by Trevor Pare, the co-founder of DarkRoast Digital, a graphic design shop for marketers who need high quality design work.

Trevor is crushing cold email. Actually, he had to pause his outreach campaign because it was working too well!

We wanted to find out what he did to achieve such success, and we invited him to chat about growth and the secret of his cold outreach campaigns. Enjoy!

What We Cover In This Episode:

- How Trevor and his company got started with cold email
- The biggest mistake they was making at the beginning
- How much time it takes to articulate messaging and value proposition
- How they figured out the right persons to work with
- The advantages and disadvantages of being super-specific about your target group
- What personalization is for Trevor and how he approaches it
- How to refine the multichannel approach to cold email
- What CTAs to use in follow ups if your cold outreach already works great
- The benefits of a long-term holistic approach to cold email

Happy cold emailing!

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3 weeks ago

Ep #156: David Fowler: Top Deliverability Tips from an Email Veteran

Our special guest in this episode is an email veteran who has been involved with and managing email related activities since 2003. David Fowler is probably the most knowledgeable deliverability expert that we will ever have on the show, so take a notepad and enjoy his stories from the battlefield!

- Why you should care for deliverability
- Where to start from if you want to build deliverability right
- What is digital reputation and how to improve it
- How to treat follow ups and the best ways to go about them
- How a CTA can help you decide whether to move someone off of your campaign
- Creating strict rules or swimming in unclarity until we hit the problem
- How engagement builds up your reputation
- How long it takes for your reputation to be reset

The real beauty of email is that you can test anything. As David says, it has and will always be a marathon, so keep training and enjoy the challenge!

Happy cold emailing!

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1 month ago

When was the last time you made someone truly happy with a cold email?

What if getting positive replies from outbound leads was as easy as contacting your list of subscribers?

Way too often, we rely on authority to convince someone that we are legit and worth talking to. But it's always us doing all the legwork.

Today, we will explore different ways to go about it. Enjoy!

- The difference between inbound and outbound leads
- How to make your prospects understand your worth before you reach out to them
- What can be your intro if you are not a TEDx speaker or a bestselling author?
- Why and how you should encourage people to write you a LinkedIn recommendation


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