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Join us on Aug 24 at 1PM EST to learn how YOU can go beyond the basics of email creation. You won't want to miss it!

Friends are welcome 🐩, tasty snacks are encouraged 🍩, and we recommend having at least one #dadjoke ready to share!


Why should you use a landing page? 🤔💭

1. Increase conversions
2. Scale your marketing
3. Focus on conversion

Here is a handy document with some helpful tips to get you started! ⬇️
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Our own Sr. Manager of Marketing and Operations, @hankhoffmeier, was recently included in a #blog post on the Determined Solutions Website. 👨🏼‍💻

Make sure to check out his advice on #emailmarketing!

Did you know that email marketers are considered to be 98% more awesome than the average person? 🧠

We're not quite sure whether that's a proven fact or not, but it sounds about right!

Join the dark side. It's free to sign up. #emailmarketing #marketing

You can learn to write email newsletters like a pro just by following these simple tips & tricks... 😎

Find them on our recent blog post, "How To Write Email Newsletters People Actually Read"! 💻 👈 #blog #emailmarketing #marketing #smallbusiness

They say, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." ⛓️

But how about this: "An email is only as effective as its most unconvincing Call-to-Action."

Want to learn more about CTAs? Check out our latest blog post! ⬇️✨ #emailmarketing #smallbiz