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We're #hiring and looking for a Sales Recruiter to join our growing team! Learn more and apply today:

Just released: A study on the new era of #customerengagement. We conducted research on what consumers want from brands right now, and created a guide for marketers to deliver on those changing expectations. Get your copy here:

Introducing the Cordial and Poplar partnership. Poplar empowers brands to create fully dynamic, personalized direct mail campaigns powered by Cordials segmentation and automations. Learn more about our partners

As expectations for personalization increase, brands face the challenge of using the right data to engage in thoughtful ways Watch our on-demand webinar to see how you can effectively leverage multiple channels to increase #CLV.

We're looking for a Senior Corporate Finance Manager to join our team. Think you may be a fit? Learn more and apply today! #careers #hiring

Not every email needs a discount, better segmentation and personalization can lead to high levels of user engagement without the continual need for discounts. Mix Brand and Promo mail to engage with your customers. #EEC2022 #eddiebauer @cordialinc