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Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods to engage your audience. However, if you're not getting responses from your email list, you might just be burning cash. Figure out why your emails aren't working and how to optimize.

List hygiene, Authentication, CASL/CAN-SPAM, Spam, Reputation, Targeted Content, Reputation and much more!
Discover The 7 steps to reach the inbox : A Guide to Best Practices for Email Deliverability by @cakemail_kev

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Email marketing can be a great way to reach your target audience, but it's only effective if people actually read your emails. How can you tell if your email marketing strategy is working?
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Whether you need to connect your Cakemail account to a payment service, a content delivery platform to add contacts automatically, see new leads, or get updates on new subscribers, Zapier can help!

It's no longer enough for email marketers to focus on elegant content and let the magic of the internet do the rest. Today, marketing professionals need to become fluent with email best practices.

Any fan of your products and services is sure to let their gaze linger longer on your BIMI logo, in even the most crowded of email inboxes. It makes a powerful split-second connection.