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Wishing we could all be @OnlyInfluencers @InnovateEmail Conference. If you are there, please find @shrinerp and make sure he is okay. Let us know.

Curious about the impacts from the changing data privacy laws on small businesses? Check this article out!

Still stumped about CPRA and GDPR legislation? Well, our very own @shrinerp & @skipfidura have sat down for an interview to discuss the changing email privacy landscape for @InnovateEmail Summit! Check it out!

Very excited to announce that our very own @shrinerp will be leading a panel discussion at the @InnovateEmail Summit focussing on the changing privacy landscape for #emailmarketers. You know all #emailgeeks will want to be there. Check it out:

Another great day at #ZetaLive! Honestly, it is so nice to get to be back in person at a conference, even if it is a limited subset of folks. Listen #emailgeeks, we need to be together, so much synergy happens at these events!