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    Samar Owais
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    Email Strategist & Copywriter
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    United Arab Emirates
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Was this in bad taste? Without a doubt - on BOTH sides. But only one side was mean and vicious.

Also, am I the only one thinking about the profit margins here? 30% off really means cutting your profit margin by 30%

Woke up today thinking about my #copywritingsummit session and how I couldn't remember the word "goldmine" during my presentation so I said "minefield" and then said "treasure chest" 😂😂😂

Just booked a 3-week vacation in July. It'll be my husband's first in 4 years. The man has been the biggest supporter and facilitator of my business and I'm beyond excited that we're doing this!

Brb. Off to set up my OOO.

Every time I help a SaaS company map out their user's email journey, they're shocked at how small a piece of the journey onboarding emails are.

Sign up to find out what other kinds of emails you should be planning/focusing on if you want to retain the users you onboard.

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